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Spartoo gaia 73

Concerning environmental issues, Spartoo operates a website for sales between private individuals that already offers over 40,000 products just after two months of operation, is eco-designing 20% of the products in the new summer 2021 collection and is aiming to produce 50% of its proprietary brands in an eco-responsible manner. Spartoo places women and men at the heart of its priorities, as reflected by the Company’s longstanding support for various outreach initiatives addressing education in most underprivileged countries (e.g., La paire solidaire), public health (Association AMREF in Africa) and disabilities (APF France Handicap). This key priority is also reflected in the level of accident rate, which is one of the lowest in the sector and led to the award of a national prize by the INRS3 in 2019. Reflecting this core element of its corporate culture, Spartoo recently achieved a Gaïa rating of 73, which, according to EthiFinance, corresponds to an "Advanced" level of performance since the benchmark for comparables (companies in the Distribution and Consumer Goods sectors with less than 500 employees) is 59/100.


 3 - INRS : Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (National Institute for Research and Security)