Spartoo at a glance

Spartoo was founded in 2006 by three young students who are still at the head of the Group today: Boris Saragaglia, Chairman and CEO, Paul Lorne, Head of Supply Chain, and Jérémie Touchard, Head of Search Engine Management. Since then, the three founders have developed the Group based on three main pillars: growth, an ever-expanding offer and international development. At the end of 2020, almost 90% of Spartoo's consolidated revenues came from its BtoC business (outright purchase and marketplace) in the footwear, bags and apparel segments.

A leading fashion retailer in Europe

spartoo illustration 04One of the widest ranges of fashion items in France and in Europe

With 8,000 brands and 700,000 models1, Spartoo's business model helps to serve the huge European footwear and apparel online market worth an estimated $84 billion in 2020 and expected to grow by 8% on average per annum between 2020 and 2025 (source: Euromonitor). Spartoo’s offer in fashion retail stands out in particular through the promotion of more than 16 proprietary brands, 10 of which were created in-house, such as Betty London®, Citrouille & Compagnie®, Dream in Green®, Fericelli®, Casual Attitude®, Carlington® and So size®, or through acquisitions, such as GBB®, JB Martin®, Christian Pellet®, Un matin d’été®, Little Mary® and Easy Peasy®. This brand strategy is underpinned by significant know-how, from trend analysis to raw materials sourcing, handled by the Group’s research department or via partners located mainly in Europe. This approach enables the Group to develop exclusive products supporting customer loyalty while keeping its costs under tighter control. Overall, all Spartoo’s sales represented a GMV2 of €194 million in 2020.

A customer-centric approach demonstrated by a very high level of customer satisfaction

As reflected by a Trustpilot rating of 4.3, one of the highest in the industry in France, this strategy is based on close customer relationships handled by an in-house call center and on in-depth knowledge provided by a database of around 400,000 regularly surveyed panelists in order to spot future trends. The user experience, the second pillar of the customer-centric approach, is ensured, beyond the unmatched product offering, by the quality of the interface and by full control of the delivery chain, guaranteeing an optimal shopping experience. Spartoo also benefits from an in-house logistic platform based in Lyon, equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities, and controls its entire transport chain via a network of local partners in Europe. This is a major strength that allows Spartoo to make 98% of its deliveries on time, which represents a critical factor for customer satisfaction.

Substantial economies of scale

Based on the quality of the IT architecture and proprietary digital marketing tools, this in-house technological expertise leads to advanced optimizations concerning marketing expenses bring the cost of acquiring new customers under tight control and also concerning on-site pricing, which is adjusted to demand to maximize the profitability of sales.

An omnichannel strategy offering substantial synergies

spartoo fond logo banThe online sales model and the benefits associated with physical point of sales (delivery, advice, close customer relationships) support brand loyalty and brand awareness, while positively contributing to the model’s profitability by generating additional sales. The Company manages six phygital shops, under its own name, spread evenly across the country and three shop-in-shops corners at the “Le Printemps” shopping malls in Brest, Tours and Metz. These areas, in which Spartoo sells its footwear, offer shoppers the full range available on through the in-store digital interface.

The ability to capitalize on its expertise in e-commerce

Spartoo developped a full range of services covering logistics, transport and digitalization of physical shops. Alongside its consumer range (B2C) available on its website, on its marketplace and in its phygital shops (around 91% of the 2020 GMV), Spartoo leverages its 15 years of experience to serve brands, independent shops and e-commerce retailers, helping them to accelerate their development and their online business. This offering for third parties (around 9% of 2020 GMV) operates in synergy with the online offering, powering a virtuous circle of improvement in service quality and supporting lower unit transport costs.

1 - Source : Company
2 - GMV: Gross Merchandise Value (Total value of goods and services sold including VAT and net of returns)